Single-Payer Activist Guide to the ACA Now Available

ACA GuideAlmost 200 supporters have received their “Single-Payer Activist Guide to the Affordable Care Act” as gifts for donations since December, and it is now available at wholesale prices at our online store. You can order your copy for only $5, which includes the cost of shipping, or save by ordering in bulk.

The 30-page, 8.5″ by 11″ Guide is designed for individuals and organizations to identify organizing opportunities to build the single-payer movement as the Affordable Care Act is implemented over the next four years. It is a great way to educate yourself about the new law, and to figure out how to get involved in 2014.

For example, learn how new reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act can support single-payer advocates’ public education efforts; how single-payer groups in the South are harnessing movements to expand Medicaid to get the single-payer message out; how threats to labor unions’ healthcare plans are creating new opportunities for single-payer activists to engage with the labor movement; and more.

Please email Ben if your group would like to order 100 copies or more so we can discuss special discount rates and co-branding the guide with your organization’s logo.