Sending Support for Striking Temple Workers

By Michael Moore

Filmmaker and documentarian Michael Moore sent words of support for the 1,500 striking workers of the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professions now on strike at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. The PASNAP members have been on strike since March 31, and Moore’s statement was read at a rally held this afternoon near the picket line at Broad and Ontario in front of the hospital.

“I am proud to support the striking nurses and staff at Temple University Hospital. It is an embarrassment that an otherwise fine institution of higher learning would treat its own nurses and other health professionals with such contempt.

“Exactly what lesson is Temple teaching to its students when they attack the nurses at their own hospital? That we should beat up on the very people who have dedicated their lives to helping us when we get sick? President Hart, like the rest of us, you, too, will someday probably have to stay in a hospital. When you look up at that person taking care of you, will you hope that that nurse has been well-treated, well-paid, well-trained? Or will you say to yourself, ‘I sure hope that nurse who’s placing that IV in me isn’t paid more than minimum wage! I sure hope she’s struggling to pay for her own health care! And I sure hope this hospital is making life as miserable as they can for this nurse!’

“I don’t think you’ll be saying that, President Hart. I think you’ll want the very best care from a staff who’ve been treated like human beings. I think that’s what you’ll want. So why not give that to the patients inside Temple University Hospital right now?

“Stop trying to bust this nurses’ and health professionals’ union! Teach your students how to behave toward those who work hard for a living. End this nonsense now before the entire country turns its focus on you and your behavior. You don’t want that, do you? Seriously do I have to come to Philly? Donovan McNabb leaves, but Michael Moore shows up? No one wants that! Do the right thing. Negotiate in good faith and give the nurses and staff the contract they deserve.”

Michael Moore is an activist, author, and filmmaker. See more of his work at his website


  1. Marcia on April 19, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    MAY DAY!!! MAY DAY!!! The Rallies and protests must continue and get Larger

    So now what? The Tea Party lit up Tax day April 15th. Do they get the last word? Have they been struggling for HUNDREDS OF YEARS, trying to get their government to do what they would like? They are just having a small taste of what it’s like. What it’s like to have:

    The Supreme Court make you property: Dred Scott V. Sanford
    The Supreme Court deny you education: Plessy V. Fergusson
    The Supreme Court take away your land and rights: Cherokee Nation V. Georgia
    The Supreme Court interferes in your sex life: Bowers V. Hardwick
    The Supreme Court taking Public broadband and giving it to corporations: FCC v. Fox (?)
    The Supreme Court deciding that Corporations can participate in elections: Citizen’s United v. F.E.C.
    The Supreme Court deciding when a woman’s body is her own: Roe V. Wade
    The Supreme Court directly infringing on your privacy rights by supporting the Patriot Act
    With Prop 8 passing, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell not getting repealed. With the Supreme Court denying millions of votes to be counted and over riding States Rights: BUSH V. GORE 2000
    And lastly the furor of states filing petition to take back the latest health care law…

    I think we ought to come out IN VERY LARGE NUMBERS with an EMERGENCY MARCH on International Labor Day and tell the country if we couldn’t get the REcount, you’re not getting the REpeal!!

    and then put the Supreme Court on a term limit like 20 years.

    Help Me spread the word and let’s show Fox and Friends how it’s done!


    1) Discuss the 2000 vote

    a) Disenfranchising of the African American votes especially in Florida

    b) violation of the law by the Supreme Court decision

    c) Subsequent Court decisions: Prop 8, D.A.D.T., FCC vs (FOX NEWS) Citizens United vs. FEC, failure to sign on to the KYOTO accord.

    2) Discuss the law we really wanted HR676/ Single Payer/ IMPROVED Medicare for All

    a) No Corporations “Because the PEOPLE say so, Insurance Companies gotta GO!”

    b) Workers built the wealth of this world and enjoy none of the wealth. Living Wages/Unions

    c) Support organizations that do not take Corporate support like LINK TV , the GREEN party, Citizens for Legitimate Government and CREDO etc.

    We want: Full Employment, Non- Profit health service, End to All forms of Discrimination, for the RICH to pay their taxes -ending loop holes. For our ECONOMY to be based on the GREEN revolution-Zero pollution- Zero waste. For Campaign contributions to be restricted to individuals ONLY- with a yearly max.

    Wanted: Speakers who want to address the Public on any of these subjects! MAY DAY! MAY DAY!