Send a Love Letter to the Editor

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, can you help us get the message out that Congress and President Obama need to break up with insurance and drug companies and show some love to the American people by supporting the real solution to the health care crisis: improved Medicare for All?

In just a few minutes, you can tell thousands, or even millions, of your local newspaper’s readers about how the most compassionate health reform option can save billions of dollars and human lives. Just click here.

Shocking statistics show that 45,000 people die each year because they have no access to health care. We need to spread the word that people need to urge their Members of Congress and President Obama to have a heart, and solve this crisis once and for all.

It’s time for the leaders of this country to end their unhealthy relationships with private insurance and drug companies, and embrace the real solution: improved Medicare for All.

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