Send a Letter to the Editor for Medicare for All

Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is this week’s action to support Medicare-for-all!

Go here to easily tell your local newspaper that, instead of cuts, we should expand Medicare to cover everyone living in the United States.

Before submitting your letter, keep in mind that letters to the editor are most likely to get printed if they are:
1. In reference to a recent news story or event.
2. Written clearly to a single point.
3. Written by someone within the publication’s geographic area.
4. Short (fewer than 200 words).

Keep in mind, letters are best if they are sincere, in your own voice, and tailored to your story or perspective. Whenever possible, cite specifics, add concrete details, and reference recent news stories by name and date.

This online tool will help you submit a letter automatically, but you should see if your local paper has a letter submission process detailed on their website.

Also, we added a dozen events to celebrate Medicare on or around July 30th to calendar in the past few days! Find an event near your here.

P.S. This is the second of many actions we’re planning for the rest of the month. Last week we asked you to send a letter to Congress and the President. Next week we’re organizing a national call-in day for HR 676. And on July 31 we’ll be joining Rep. John Conyers and other single payer groups in Washington, D.C. for a Congressional briefing on single-payer healthcare.