Republican elected President of HealthCare4All PA

On Sunday, January 23rd HealthCare4All PA held their annual meeting in Pittsburgh.

David Steil was elected President of this non-partisan, state-wide, grass roots organization dedicated to passage of a Single Payer Health Care System. Steil served in the PA House from the 31st District for sixteen years from 1992 until he retired in 2008. He is currently the owner and President of Micro Trap Corporation, a small Pennsylvania manufacturing company.

Steils’ recent comment on his election, “My commitment to a Single Payer Health Care System has its roots in my 35+ years of experience at the senior management level in several manufacturing companies. We must solve the health care dilemma if our businesses are going to compete in the international market place. Now is the time and HC4PA is the vehicle to make it happen. I am gratified to have the opportunity to contribute to this effort.”

To find out more about the organization and its commitment to non-partisan single payer reform; to contact Mr. Steil for an interview; to join the movement:


  1. Vashti Winterburg on February 6, 2011 at 1:46 am

    This dyed in the wool Democrat is delighted. Single payer is a great deal for businesses. The sooner we can get the business community on board the better.

    Vashti Winterburg

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  3. rob on July 24, 2013 at 9:46 am

    We need more Politicians backing single payer like David Steil. It’s about time that the US realizes that we cannot compete with the international market with our outrageous cost of healthcare! One cannot ignore common sense.