Report From the US Social Forum

Healthcare-NOW! had a tremendous presence at the US Social Forum, which converged over 20,000 activists for social change into Detroit for 5 days in June.

We organized two major events at the forum.

First, a workshop attended by about 50 folks from Detroit and elsewhere. Michael Lighty of the National Nurses United broke down the new health law. Donna Smith, Reggie Cervantes, and Adrian Campbell, all featured in SiCKO, came together to discuss what it’s like three years after the film. We’d like to give special thanks to Bob Sisler for organizing this along with the Retirees for Single Payer who were out in full force.

And Second, we organized a People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) on the right to healthcare. We heard powerful testimonials and work being done around the country on single-payer. About 18 organizations endorsed the PMA.

Here is the resolution that was produced from the PMA.

Here is the Principles of the Human Right to Health.

The national resolution that came out of the entire US Social Forum is posted here.

Healthcare-NOW! has photos of us in action at the Social Forum posted here.

We need to give special thanks to our volunteers: Don Bechler, Lisa Patrick Mudd, Courtney Cathy, Kimber Beachy, Drew Smith, Heather Ives, Rita Valenti, Rebecca Elgie, Donna Smith, Mark Dudzic, Margaret Flowers, Bev Alves, and Healthcare-NOW! interns Marfa and Rebecca.