Put Medicare for All on the Map!

In light of the proposals intended to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid coming out of Washington, DC, we need to make one thing clear: Medicare is the solution. Not the problem.

A majority of Americans support improved Medicare-for-all. Now is your chance to show why you do!

Already, dozens of people from coast to coast have sent us videos about why they support improved Medicare-for-all. Check it out.

Now we want you to put your story on the map! Help us show that we are a national movement supporting the same solution to our health and fiscal crisis: improved Medicare-for-all!

To submit, please:
1) Record and upload your video to YouTube (keep your video about one-minute).
2) Include in the video:
—Your name
—What city and state you live in
—What your profession is and/or if you are affiliated with a particular group (political, volunteer, faith-based, etc.)
—Why YOU support the right to healthcare and expanding Medicare for all.
3) Send the link to your video to jeff@healthcare-now.org.

Whether you’re liberal, conservative, rich, poor, young, or old we want to hear from you!

For more information or to volunteer for this project, contact Katie@healthcare-now.org. To donate, go here.