Press Roundup for International Human Rights Day Actions

First, thank you for organizing nearly 20 actions nationwide! This is incredible considering the challenges we face in fighting for a just, equitable health care system – Medicare for All!

Below is a press round up from leaders that have sent info our way. All press is significant, but special thanks to the NYC folks for aggressively pursuing press and getting the first print article and photo in the NY Times discussing Medicare for All and single-payer activism!

Please send any report backs about the action you organized. Also, thoughts about moving forward are welcomed.

Louisville, KY
Healthcare Protest Held Outside McConnell’s Office

Washington, DC
Getty Images

Talk Radio New Service homepage as of Dec 10th.
Link to video if it is not there when you see this:

Report back from Dr. Margaret Flowers

Syracuse, NY
Syracuse News 10 Now:

New York City, NY
On December 10, 2009, International Human Rights Day, nine single-payer healthcare supporters were arrested for blocking the entrance to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office in New York City. Below is a list of press that covered the action.

New York Times (print & online)

New York Times (online, also in the International Herald Tribune, also linked to and many other sites):

Huffington Post (linked to,,,, many others):


Daily News (2 separate items:) (with link to Healthcare-NOW! website!)
(they have a section called Protests and Demonstrations and you just have to keep clicking until you see our two photos. The links won’t distinguish the individual photos.)

Democracy Now! (2 separate items): (08:19 into show)

The Guardian:

GRITtv with Laura Flanders:

Our own media: video by ACT UP member John Riley:

Arrestee Dr. Laura Boylan’s statement:

Yahoo News:

Life Magazine:

Getty Images (from which all the other sites got their photos):

Jezebel (linked to, “Manhattan Story Page”):

The Epoch Times (in English, linked to,, and others):

The Epoch Times (in Chinese, in print and online):



True News from Change

Road Runner–Manhattan News:

Democratic×411840 (St. Louis)

Milenio: (major Mexican daily newspaper)

Times of India (India):

LETA-FOTO (Latvian photo site):

Positive Universe: