Post-Election Emergency Conference Call

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, Healthcare-NOW partnered with Progressive Democrats of America to host this emergency conference call with Senator Bernie Sanders’s healthcare aide, Lori Kearns, to provide essential information about the likely attacks on public and private healthcare programs, and to start a discussion of how the single-payer movement can fight back and win.

The election of Donald Trump and GOP control of both houses of Congress means that every public health program – Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and the Obamacare Medicaid expansion and subsidies – are all at risk, as are employer-sponsored plans, as the GOP has promised to remove the employer tax-deduction for contributions to employees’ health insurance. However, defending the status quo in healthcare is exactly what helped Democrats suffer catastrophic losses this election – we must fight back with a positive vision for healthcare justice, and resist attacks on public and private healthcare coverage while fighting for single-payer healthcare and building a social movement to pass it.

This conference call was an initial conversation, in what will be a major mobilization and campaign effort over the coming years. Listen here to learn more, and join Healthcare-NOW to get involved in fighting back!


  1. Sumitra on November 28, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    SSI/SSP is NOT part of the Social Security Budget, it is from the Welfare part of the Federal Budget. SSI is Supplemental Security Insurance for the lowest income, disabled. SSI is administered by the Social Security Administration but the money comes from the Welfare Budget. Lori should stop being so glib (“Welfare reform being a wonderful piece of legislation”) and brush up on budget policy. SSP is a state of California monetary supplement to the SSI recipient because CA. does not allow SSI recipients to receive SNAP or food stamps. Please find out an answer to Randy in Sacramento’s question as Lori did not answer it correctly and left Randy with the impression that his SSI/SSP was “OK” as it was part of the Social Security Budget. Randy was the first caller/questioner in the teleconference.
    I also agree with the second caller that Bernie Sanders and the so called “Progressive Democrats of America” should not be supporting any part of the ACA. They should be pushing for and budgeting for HR. 676.
    This is my first HCN teleconference and I must say I was very disappointed. Essentially I agree with one of the other passionate callers that Mr. Sanders is not moving on single payer. Ms. Kearns sounded very apathetic regarding the Senator doing much of anything except for defending the ACA and the “status quo”. Extremely disappointing. Both Ms. Kearns and Senator Sanders don’t need to “hear” anymore from the people. The people came out in droves for Sanders in large part due to Sander’s strong support for single payer. People need Health Care not insurance companies!
    And screw this constant whining about the election—the Democrats have been killing Health Care for All since Truman, Nixon and Clinton!

  2. Esther Confino on January 2, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    thatHow close are you with members of Congress who will fight repeal of the ACA and present ideas for its improvement? Of course we can advise every member who votes for repeal that they will be remembered by everyone who loses coverage.

    Are demonstrations against repeal planned, and are there plans to send petitions and letters immediately? I am prepared to participate as are many others.

    Esther Confino