PNHP Advances in Ideas for Change in America Competition

Physicians for a National Health Program just advanced to the second round of’s 2010 Ideas for Change in America competition with their “Improved Medicare for All” idea.

Please help “Improved Medicare for All” become a finalist in this competition by voting for their idea here. You can vote in less than 20 seconds.

The top 10 voted ideas will be presented at an event in Washington, DC to relevant members of the Obama Administration, and then promoted to’s full community of more than 1 million people. So we could have a real impact.


  1. conrad kraus on March 3, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    It appears that NAFTA is a permanent treaty. The GOP in control and paid off heavily 1994 when approved shows no sign of addressing the problem. This group does not seem to be in touch with the necessity for health care. Municipal, county, state and federal employees all have cadillac plans. Legislatures, judges, administrative personell, and school teachers, all have cadillac plans. Even prisioners have free health care. And private industry employees pay there bills plus our own.
    If the U.S. is going to compete on an international business agreement the players must have the same rules for engagement. The single payer concept still attaches a tax to the corporations. I don’t agree! And all of the government, school teachers, judges who receive free health care from us opted out by sending their lobyists to Washington in January to grease the 527 accounts. This country is doomed when money buys the votes needed to effectively run this country as a democracy. No special class should be allowed to opt out of paying an across the board tax, the same for every individual like other industrialized nations.