Plans for Medicare’s Anniversary?

Medicare is making headlines daily. Republicans are threatening to eliminate the program, and Democrats aren’t impressing us with their ability to defend it.

Regardless of the beltway politics, people across the country have been showing an outpouring of support for Medicare at town halls, and vocal advocates for Medicare-for-all like John Nichols and Robert Reich are getting their message out in the media.

As advocates for improved Medicare-for-all, we know this is the time to show that Medicare is the solution to the health and financial crisis – not the problem. We know we can provide healthcare for all with the savings from eliminating the waste and greed of the private health insurance industry. Expanding Medicare-for-all will fix Medicaid, which is facing eligibility and benefit cuts across the country.

Leading up to the 46th anniversary of Medicare on July 30th is a historic and critical time to share information about the improved Medicare-for-all solution in our communities, and build the movement to make health care a human right.

Will you join Healthcare-NOW! in celebrating Medicare’s 46th anniversary from coast to coast?

Here are some ways for you to get active and show that Medicare is the Solution, NOT the Problem.

1) Get visible. Check out our toolkit (.pdf) for ideas in planning around Medicare’s anniversary on July 30th. Everything from public events to letters to the editor are included.

2) Build the base. This is a great time to be out talking to people, signing them up, and getting them on board with advocating for single-payer healthcare. Consider ordering these postcards as tools for petitioning in your community.

3) Tell us why YOU support improved Medicare-for-all. We are working on gathering video testimonials from people across the country. It’s easy to participate, and with your help in submitting your story about why you support Medicare-for-all, we will see what it looks like to have support for this critical issue from coast to coast. Check out more here.

4) Feedback. Tell us what you’re planning! We do what we can with limited resources, and we want to hear from you. Email us your plans for Medicare’s anniversary to

5) Donate. For every $1 you share with us will help to provide signs and resources to activists across the country. Donate here to build the campaign to protect Medicare and expand it to all.

Thanks for all you do, and here’s to making this an anniversary to remember.