Plan Congressional Visits During Presidents’ Day Recess

Congressman John Conyers re-introduced HR 676 into the 111th Congress on January 26th. The bill keeps the same number, HR 676, as it has since it was first introduced in 2003.

Because this is a new Congress, representatives who co-sponsored HR 676 in the 110th Congress need to sign on again. Plus we need to get many more.

Please make an appointment to see your representative over the Presidents’ Day recess that begins Feb. 13 and lasts until Feb. 22. Representatives will be in their home districts, and we need to ask them to sign on to and speak up for HR 676.

If you make an appointment, or need some help, let us know on our contact page.

An important improvement in the latest version of HR 676 is the expansion of protection for workers in insurance companies, doctors’ offices, hospitals and other work sites who are displaced or whose jobs are eliminated due to reduced administration.

The new HR 676 guarantees to these workers, in addition to first priority in retraining and job placement in the new system, the right to benefits equal to their full current salary for up to two years while they make the transition.

HR 676 will have a job creating impact, but the jobs created will not be the current type of billing and clerical jobs, nor jobs related to denying benefits. HR 676 is a pro-worker bill which, for the first time, will guarantee that no worker, ever again, will lose their health coverage!

At this link, you will find the 33 who have already signed on as co-sponsors of HR 676, including four newly elected Democrats (Massa, Polis, Pingree, Tonko).


  1. Eliza Jane Dodd on February 3, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    I live in FT. Worth Texas and ‘every’ single person I gave the HR676 to wants it ! Not one person have I talked to said NO ! Every single person I gave HR676 to Never heard of it ! And after they read and I talk THEY WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GET IT ? If “me’ a little person who goes out into the streets and into the stores and talks to people out of the Blue and EVERY PERSON WANTS iT What is the Problem in WASHINGTON ? .I have been to Dallas and to Arlington and FT.Worth and all places in between ..and Not one person said no ! Everyone wants HR676 Now America How do we Go about Getting it ? Do we Need a National PETITION from the FEDERAL GOV ? Like the CENSUS ? Why Cant President Obama give us a CENSUS to do ..Like go HOUSE to HOUSE and get people to say either YES or NO to HR676 ???? I will do it ALONE ..But HOW do I do this ? Anyone ? Hello America ???anyone ???WAKE UP AMERICA !!!! call 20204561414 <<>2024561414 HR676 NOW !

  2. Eliza Jane Dodd on February 3, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    To Health Care Now > Lots of People I have been talking to HAD Computer Hook up ..But lots of People dont and cant pay for their connection ! When I say have you signed the Petitions ? They look funny ? Ya know they dont want to admit they dont have computer access ..I say to them go to the Library and I get another look like >OK I will …But I know they will not … We Have to get a NATIONAL PETITION ! How would “WE” get the Permits to go out and do this ? Someone please get on the WAGON and lets find out How WE can get a National Petition for HR676 ???A Ligit Petition ?