Plan Actions for Human Rights Day on December 10th

We are moving forward. After a great meeting in St. Louis (comprehensive report back coming soon!), we want to make sure you have the most up-to-date talking points on the legislation and our movement!

1) Find PNHP NY Metro Chapter talking points on the most recent legislative developments including the public option, the abortion amendments, and the mandates here.

2) You may have heard that there is a vote in the Senate this weekend on health care. This is not the final vote. That procedural vote will decide whether to bring that bill to the Senate floor and begin debate, and its approval relies on the votes of three wavering moderate Democrats. Read more here.

We still expect Senator Sanders to bring forward S 703 to the floor for a vote, and possibly an amendment to allow states to more easily implement single-payer systems. As soon as we know what the state amendment looks like, we will announce it to you.

3) We are working to build actions to create awareness of Human Rights Day on December 10th. We will be helping to organize actions at Senators offices in support of S 703 and the state ability to move to single-payer. Please contact if you would like to organize an action near you.


  1. Marietta J. Tanner on November 24, 2009 at 10:57 am

    I am so sorry that President Obama has not come forward and said that he would not sign a bill that did not at the very least include a viable public option. I was hoping that this might be the wedge that would make Single Payer possible in the next cycle. I abhor the building plans of the insurance companies in my community. They are preparing for a great windfall, syphoning off more of America’s largesse just as Wall Street has done, leaving nothing but debt and hardship for the people who build this country.