Pennyrile Area CLC Endorses HR 676, National Single Payer Legislation

“The Pennyrile Area Central Labor Council endorses HR 676” reports Betty Robertson, Treasurer of the council in Hopkinsville in western Kentucky not far from the Tennessee border.

With this endorsement all eight of Kentucky’s CLC’s have endorsed HR 676.

Betty Robertson had much more to say: “We feel that Americans must fight for better health coverage. We shouldn’t have to do without the necessities of life in order to pay for health coverage or face other hardships to pay for coverage. Insurance companies and HMOs continue to decrease quality and raise prices and avoid covering those whose needs are the greatest.”

The Kentucky AFL-CIO, the first state federation to endorse HR 676, took that action in 2005.

In the current Congress, HR 676 has 41 co-sponsors in addition to Conyers.

HR 676 has been endorsed by 583 union organizations in 49 states including 138 Central Labor Councils and Area Labor Federations and 39 state AFL-CIO’s (KY, PA, CT, OH, DE, ND, WA, SC, WY, VT, FL, WI, WV, SD, NC, MO, MN, ME, AR, MD-DC, TX, IA, AZ, TN, OR, GA, OK, KS, CO, IN, AL, CA, AK, MI, MT, NE, NY, NV & MA).

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