Organizing a Petitioning Campaign

Thank you to everyone who participated in our April Skill-Building Call on organizing a petitioning campaign — and a special thank you to Josh Starcher and Omar Kutty from Healthcare-NOW! – New York City for leading the training.

If you were unable to make the call or wish to share it with other single-payer activists, you can listen to the call here:
Petitioning Campaign

Highlights of the call include Omar’s tips for streamlining data entry, and Josh’s helpful notes on effective petitioning techniques.

You can also download a simple handout on how to organize a petitioning campaign including:
– Reasons for why petitioning campaigns are useful;
– Six easy steps to building an effective campaign; and
– A copy of HCN-NYC’s petition as a model for other groups to use.

Healthcare-NOW! is trying to organizing skill-building calls once per month. To participate, you must be a member. Please let us know if you have a great topic for a future call.