Oct. 6 – Join Us in Freedom Plaza

Are you going to the October 6, 2011 rally at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C.?

Healthcare-NOW! will be there to demand human needs over corporate greed, including life-saving, money-saving improved Medicare for all.

Help us build the single-payer contingent by coming to Freedom Plaza on October 6th. Please email Vanessa@healthcare-NOW.org if you and/or your organization are planning to attend.

The October 2011 movement stands for placing human needs over corporate greed; for stopping the machine and creating a new world. If you want economic justice, human rights, peace, a healthy environment, and an end to corporate criminals’ control of the political process, then you belong in Freedom Plaza on October 6th. Please join us!

If you want to get involved but cannot make it to D.C., check with the organizer in your state to see if a solidarity event is being planned.