No Cuts – Call Today!

Tell Congress: Don’t Cut Our Social Security and Medicare programs. CALL TODAY.

Join today’s National Call Congress Day and tell your Representative and Senators to SAY NO to cutting our Social Security and Medicare.

Call 866-220-0044 for the capitol switchboard and ask to be connected. Don’t know your Representative or Senators? Go here.

The Co-Chairs of the National Fiscal Commission have proposed deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare – increasing the retirement age to 69, making Medicare recipients pay more out-of-pocket for healthcare, cutting benefits for middle-class workers and reducing annual Cost of Living Adjustments.

We need your help to stop them!

Social Security and Medicare are promises that must not be broken–we’ve worked hard and paid for them in taxes. Social Security and Medicare belong to our children, our parents, our neighbors and ourselves.

ACT NOW! Your voice needs to be heard.

Call your Congress people RIGHT NOW at 866-220-0044 or go here if you don’t know who they are.

Tell the person who answers the phone:
“I am a voter/constituent living in [your state]. I am calling to tell the [Rep. or Senator] – NO CUTS TO, PRIVATIZATION OF, OR RAISING THE ELIGIBILITY AGE FOR SOCIAL SECURITY OR MEDICARE! HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE.”

Please take the time for this very important effort today. An improved Medicare for All system will control health costs and make Medicare sustainable for future generations. We still need improved Medicare for All.