National Campaign Launched in Partnership with

A few weeks back we asked you to vote for single-payer healthcare on Well, it got enough votes to become one of their ten “Ideas for Change in America,” and we couldn’t be happier. presented these ideas two weeks ago at an event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Macon Phillips, Director of New Media for the White House, formally accepted the ideas and said that “I can speak with authority that a lot of people in the transition were paying attention to the competition.”

Because of all your support, Healthcare-NOW! was asked to be the official sponsor of’s single-payer healthcare campaign. This partnership will help spread the single-payer message, and we’re asking that you help us again.

Through the site, we get our own blog that will reach a new and broader audience. Please give feedback and comments. has generously donated Flip video cameras to each of the campaigns so that participants can easily document their work and feature it on the “Ideas for Change site.” In addition, will compile videos from all of the campaigns into serial shorts that will show, from the inside, how advocacy campaigns are built and create real social change. So, let us know about your upcoming events so that we can send you this camera and you can show off your hard work.

You can also help us organize campaigns. Right now, we’re asking people to support HR 676 by signing a petition and emailing their congress people. easily allows you to sign the petition, email your representative, and recruit people into this campaign. It even gives you your Rep’s phone number after you sign the letter! It couldn’t be easier.

You can also help us fund raise. Check out our page, become a supporter, leave a testimonial, invite your friends, and start a fund raising campaign for us.

All of your support has made this partnership possible. Now that we won, let’s use this opportunity to its fullest by being the most active “Idea for Change in America.”

Email Jeff Muckensturm, at, if you want to help or have any questions.


  1. Becky on February 12, 2009 at 8:29 am

    I am a fifty year old grandmother with no health insurance. My husband is self-employed and the premiums for us to have private insurance are outrageous!
    I went to the doctor yesterday to get my blood pressure med refilled. He said I needed a “yearly” check up including a mammogram and some blood work because I havn’t had one in 30 years. I told him without insurance I could not afford all those tests and If they found something like cancer I would just have to die because I couldn’t afford to live because the medical bills would wipe us out.
    When I left I thought about how the elderly have medicaid, children have our kids and prisioners have complete health care. But my husband and I have no healthcare and he has always worked and paid taxes and we’ve never been in trouble! Is this a fair and just system?
    America needs and deserves National Healthcare. I fully support HR 676.