Meet Our New Director of Organizing

Exciting news! Please join me in welcoming Healthcare-NOW!’s new Director of Organizing, Vanessa Beck. Vanessa comes to us from Chicago where she was a founding member of Chicago Single-Payer Action Network and recently received a graduate degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago. Vanessa is joining the team in Philadelphia, PA and will work with our dedicated steering committee and membership across the country. I will be based out of New York City, and supporting Vanessa in her new role through the end of the year. Thanks for all you do!
–Katie Robbins, National Organizer

VanessaDear Healthcare-NOW! community,

I am delighted to join the Healthcare-NOW! team as the Director of Organizing. I have been working with the organization as a local activist in Chicago since 2007 and am excited, inspired, and honored to be working with you on your single-payer endeavors.

After experiencing struggles accessing our dysfunctional health care “system,” I discovered Healthcare-NOW! and HR 676 and immediately became a Healthcare-NOW! member, participating in the monthly conference calls. I was able to get further involved when I moved to Chicago. There, I was a founding member/steering committee member/treasurer/organizer with ChiSPAN where I gained invaluable experience as an organizer, activist, speaker, and advocate for single-payer healthcare. I helped organize the sit-ins at Cigna in 2009 as well as many other protests, rallies, panels, and educational events.

Upon hearing that I would be leaving Chicago to work with Healthcare-NOW! in Philadelphia, here is what some of my comrades had to say:

“When she departs for that job in Philadelphia, we will be losing not only our treasurer, but one of the most resourceful and tenacious fighters in our local and state struggle for healthcare justice. If I may be allowed to speak for myself for a second, Vanessa was why I came to this group in the first place. I know that she will inspire and illuminate the issue as few can.” – Edward Crouse, Organizer,

“You are quite the professional, Vanessa. Let’s just say I’m glad you’re a professional healthcare organizer and not professional assassin!” – David Summerhays, Organizer,

I am honored to take on this great responsibility of growing and strengthening Healthcare-NOW!, our local groups, and the movement and am excited to begin working with each of you.

I’ve attached 2 clips of me speaking about the healthcare crisis here and here.

Again, do not hesitate to contact me for help or just to say hello. Looking forward to hearing about all of our events!

In solidarity for single-payer,
Vanessa Beck
Director of Organizing