May 1st: Healthcare is a Human Right Rally in VT

Healthcare-NOW! has endorsed the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign (HCHR) March on Montpelier, Vermont on May 1st.

The HCHR Campaign has built a statewide grassroots movement to make healthcare reform a political inevitability in Vermont.

Supporters of the right to healthcare and single-payer are traveling in from across the country to attend this important event!

If you can, please join the HCHR Campaign on Sunday, May 1st in Montpelier, VT at 11am for a march and rally at the Statehouse to demonstrate both the statewide and national support for a quality system of universal healthcare in Vermont. Join thousands of Vermonters for this day of mobilizing, organizing, networking, and celebration.

They have made great strides towards the goal of universal healthcare in Vermont, but we know that real change will not be easy.

Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are rallying all over the country to support their friends in Vermont, and as we speak, these national corporations are pouring money and lobbyists into the state. As allies of the HHR Campaign, we need to show national support for real healthcare reform and stand with our friends in their struggle!

If you can go, please let the Workers’ Center know by calling 802.861.4892 or by emailing

Can’t make it, but want to show support? Endorse the event here.

The time is now for real healthcare reform in Vermont and throughout the nation!