Maine State Legislature Endorses HR 676

Both Houses of the Maine state legislature, on roll call votes, have endorsed a single payer healthcare system and HR 676.

Separately, a just released poll conducted by the Maine Medical Society, shows that a majority of the state’s physicians support a single payer healthcare system.

The HR 676 resolution and vote in Maine, follows a similar roll call vote by the New Hampshire House. The New Hampshire House voted 192-150 on March 24th In favor of Resolution HCR2 which endorses HR 676 and a single payer health care system.

Below is the Associated Press story that ran in many Maine newspapers which also cites the recent poll conducted by the Maine Medical Society.

A copy of the Maine legislature’s Joint Resolution can be found here.

Submitted By The Associated Press
AUGUSTA — Maine lawmakers have passed a resolution calling on President Obama and Congress to establish a single-payer health system that covers everyone.

The Senate passed the nonbinding resolution by a 20-15 vote on Wednesday, a day after the House did the same by a 91-52 vote.

The resolution cites the high costs of the present system and says managed care, health maintenance organizations and other reforms have failed to contain health costs.

The resolution was passed months after a poll of nearly 600 Maine physicians showed a majority in favor of a single payer or “Medicare for all” approach. The survey, conducted in November and December, showed 52 percent in favor and 48 percent against.

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