VWC on Their Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign

Last night, June 8, Healthcare-NOW! hosted a national conference call featuring members of the Vermont Workers’ Center to discuss their Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign and the impact it had on universal healthcare legislation in their state.

If you missed the call but want to hear it, you can download it here (right click and save as) or listen on this webpage right now.


Our featured speakers, James Haslam, Mary Gerisch, and Cindy Perron from the Vermont Workers’ Center, along with Anja Rudiger of the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative, led a thoughtful discussion on how they built a statewide people‚Äôs movement of thousands of Vermonters demanding a universal, equitable, and accountable healthcare system. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen in on this discussion about movement-building, grassroots organizing tactics, and the human right to healthcare.