July 30: Celebrate Medicare’s 47th Anniversary

Coming in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to largely uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare’s 47th anniversary on Monday, July 30 is a great opportunity to highlight why we still need single-payer Medicare-for-all.

We know that the ACA will not achieve universal coverage — at least 26 million people will remain uninsured — fails to control healthcare costs, and further embeds private, for-profit insurance in our healthcare system.

So we’re asking single-payer activists everywhere to celebrate Medicare’s 47th on or around Monday, July 30 by:

1. Organizing a rally or single-payer teach-in. Email us at francesca@healthcare-now.org to let us know about your event, and we can send you single-payer themed signs and orange improved Medicare for all booklets to hand out if you need them. Want to organize an event, but don’t know how? Check out our Organizer’s Toolkit for ideas. Here’s a great handout and discussion on organizing a teach-in.

2. Collecting petition signatures. We need more people in this movement. Download this petition and collect signatures at community events, summer fairs, and festivals. Then mail it back to Healthcare-NOW!. Here are some ideas on organizing a grander petitioning campaign.

3. Letting Congress know that we still need improved Medicare-for-all. Go here to email, and then call, Congress. Then send this link (http://bit.ly/we0q0n) out to all your contacts asking them to sign on as well.

Even if you don’t have time to plan a big event or rally but want to use Medicare’s anniversary as an excuse to gather with other single-payer activists, please let us know. We can email supporters in your area to let them know what you’re up to–and maybe you’ll meet some new single-payer activists in your town.


  1. JR on July 19, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    There is a great software for healthcare practices called Quick Practice http://quickpractice.com. You can file electronic claims with it.

  2. Debra Summer on August 27, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Medicare and Social Security had a great surplus of money in it when Clinton was in office and things were fine the national Budget was balanced .Again its not Medicare reform we need .Its the Republicans that raped the surplus of money and other programs to fund thier evil agendas of spending .And if we don’t have Government control to protect us we again all will be raped by the republican agendas to all our detriment and the wealthy over greed for control and riches. that is what got us in this mess to start with . Romney and the Republican Party want to just act like cheer Leaders with no answers and expect us to elect him first then he says he will tell us what his plan is .Sounds just like his promise to give years of Taxes which he never did either. What Romney and Ryan is proposing is Genocide !! all they want to do is tell us they can do all these things without telling us how they expect to do it ,just trust me ! Like Hitler get in the Box cars middle America we only intend to move you to a better place then gas us all systmatically terminate all that have no money they caint get thier hands on . They want to wipeout the middle class .Genocide !! Thats what is happening ,think about it . Romney said on Letterman show if someone has no insurance let them die !!