It’s Up to Us

The politics of the current moment are clear: the Democrats are desperate to hold onto the White House at any cost and Republicans are fervently working to dismantle our social safety net to further uplift the private market.

And meanwhile it’s us — the workers, mothers, fathers, students, nurses, patients, and physicians — that are caught in the crossfire.

The impending Supreme Court decision regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) individual mandate (rumored to be announced in late June) has the airwaves abuzz with what-ifs — yet continuously lacking in the mountainous debate is the solution we all know is constitutional, effective, and moral: improved and expanded Medicare-for-all.

So it is up to us to use this moment as a way to educate our communities on single-payer, and motivate our friends and neighbors to take action on this issue.

We need to develop new and updated resources on the benefits of single-payer over the ACA, and tools and talking points to help you utilize the information.

But we need your financial support to sustain the staff time and distribution costs needed to do so.

Can you please donate now to help us continue in our struggle to get the single-payer solution out to the public?

You can donate online, send a check to Healthcare-NOW!, 1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, or call 800-453-1305.

We need $10,000 a month to sustain our operations, and the forthcoming Supreme Court decision and 47th Anniversary of Medicare in late July are both incredible opportunities to highlight how improved and expanded Medicare-for-all is the solution to our fiscal and health crises. Please help us sustain our work now.

In solidarity for single-payer healthcare,
Francesca and Jeff
Healthcare-NOW! National Staff