It’s a socialist takeover: Trump’s SOTU, the Democratic debates, and Parasite!

Donald Trump’s State of the Union address includes some good old fashioned red-baiting re: Medicare for All. Centrist Democrats vying for the party’s nomination pile on, albeit from different angles, at the New Hampshire debate. Parasite wins big at the Oscars!!

Show Notes

Ben dedicates the show to everyone who needs healthcare. Stephanie would like to exempt the makers of the Iowa caucus reporting app, who have kicked off the primaries by undermining our national faith in democracy (and Democracy).

Stephanie reacts to a Washington Post poll showing that 6 out of 10 Iowa caucus voters support Medicare for All, despite WaPo using extremely biased language.

Trump uses his 2020 State of the Union address to attack Medicare for All as a “socialist takeover of healthcare.” But, Ben points out, he says he will defend Medicare to the death. Socialism for seniors, ruthless capitalism for younger people? Trump also borrows from Biden’s talking points against M4A.

Trump’s second attack on Medicare for All is that it will cover “illegal” immigrants. Ben points out that this is false – immigrants actually subsidize our healthcare system for U.S.-born residents. It’s also important for us to make the moral case for covering everyone, regardless of documentation status.

During the New Hampshire Democratic primary debates, a heated argument takes place between Sanders and Buttigieg over whether Medicare for All is politically divisive or politically unifying. Stephanie points out Buttigieg is actually trying to CREATE a division between those with health insurance, by fear mongering that they will somehow lose coverage, and those without, who desperately need universal coverage.

Joe Biden goes after Medicare for all on a cost basis, and makes up a bunch of shit about what happened in Vermont. You don’t have to be an economist to know that M4A costs less – just look at all of the countries who have it, who spend less. Also, Vermont never implemented Medicare for All, but Joe didn’t get the memo!

Amy Klobuchar runs out of arguments against Medicare for All and decides to argue that the debate over M4A “isn’t real.”

Finally, a side-note about the social determinants of health from the Oscars! Social status is the single-most important determinant of how long you live and how healthy your life will be – far more important than access to healthcare. This is true not just for low-income people, but even among the very wealthy and privileged. Researchers have found that Oscar winners live 4 years longer than actors and actresses nominated for an Oscar who don’t win! Our new campaign: Oscars for all!

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