Is Single-Payer Inevitable?

You may have seen dozens of articles and news clips claiming that if the Supreme Court strikes down the Affordable Care Act in June, Democrats will have no choice but to turn to single-payer as the necessary alternative to healthcare reform. “It’s inevitable,” they say.

It thrills us to see single-payer in the limelight, but claiming that single-payer is inevitable should the ACA go down misses a central component: you. Your hard work lifted single-payer, improved Medicare-for-all, to the widespread consciousness we’re now seeing.

With your support we can push improved Medicare-for-all beyond talk and make it a reality.

No matter how the Supreme Court rules in June, we need to make sure single-payer healthcare remains a visible option for reform. If the ACA is dismantled, the Democrats could, after all, decide to do nothing. Let’s not let that happen.

Help Healthcare-NOW! continue marching, educating, and protesting for a single-payer system. Political pundits are talking about single-payer because we have never stopped filling their inboxes and waiting rooms with the voices of the under- and uninsured.

Help us remind Congress and the President that there’s an alternative to the private health insurance companies that create so much waste and suffering.

That Medicare-for-all is getting so much attention in the wake of the Supreme Court hearings on the ACA is a sign that our efforts so far are working.

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In solidarity for single-payer,
Healthcare-NOW! National Staff and Steering Committee

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