Introducing: Medicare for All

The very first episode of the “Medicare for All” podcast! Ben & Stephanie talk about their struggles to access and afford healthcare in America, and how they became organizers in the Medicare for All movement. Finally, they talk about what they’ll be brining to listeners on the Medicare for All podcast!

Show Notes

Ben dedicates the episode to everyone who needs healthcare – Stephanie asks to leave out Rand Paul, who says that universal healthcare is the same as slavery.

Stephanie talks about how her eyes were opened to the need for Medicare for All when she moved to Japan, and was given access to comprehensive public healthcare for about $20/month when she became a resident. This after years of being uninsured and underinsured in the United States while living with asthma. She moved back to the U.S. to be with friends and family… and to fuck up the insurance companies.

Ben also wants to fuck up the insurance companies. He got into the movement after being admitted to a hospital with panic attacks years ago, AFTER which his insurance company refused to cover his claim, leaving him with a $4k bill. Since then he’s been a full-time organizer in the Medicare for All movement for 15 years.

Ben & Stephanie are launching this podcast because the M4A movement has come so far, but it will be a major fight to win in the end. Media coverage of Medicare for All also tends to be super biased, and there’s a need for real talk on this social movement!

The podcast will discuss and analyze the big political fights over healthcare in Congress and at the state level. It will also cover victories in the social movement to win Medicare for All, which is never discussed in the news.

Finally, the podcast will serve as personal therapy for both Ben & Stephanie so they can get many, many grievances with healthcare politics off their chests!