Hundreds Join Occupy Portland on Peaceful March for Universal Healthcare

From Oregon Single Payer Campaign and the Portland Occupier

Hundreds of protesters attended a rally on November 19 in Portland after which they planted 558 crosses, representing the 558 uninsured Oregonians who die each year because they lack healthcare.

According to Dr. Paul N. Gorman, specialist in geriatric and internal medicine, who was one of the speakers at today’s March for Universal Health Care, “It’s time to get the 1% out of the way so that we can have the health care that every Oregonian deserves.”

Gorman continues, “We’ve been told no one is clear about what we want. What we want is very clear. This is our manifesto:”

“First, health care for everyone in America. Cradle to the grave.”

“Second, free choice of doctors and hospitals.”

“Third, patients and their doctors make decisions; those decisions aren’t made in back rooms and board rooms.”

“Fourth, transparency and accountability.”

“And fifth, no one should go bankrupt because of health care expenses.”

About a thousand citizens attended the rally at Salmon Fountain, after which they buried 558 crosses, representing the 558 uninsured Oregonians who die each year because they lack health care.

The large group marched peacefully, in two large groups. They used the sidewalks instead of the streets. They stopped for traffic. They proceeded without incident, and without a single police officer to escort or obstruct them, to Pioneer Square and then back to Ankeny and 3rd.

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