Is Just The Start

If the Obamacare website debacle is any indication, 2014 will be an interesting year for health reform! We know that powerful private health insurers will attempt to evade new regulations and profit off of confusing changes in the industry.

This is why we need your support today.

We’ve got to make the most of new organizing and education opportunities that will be created by the ACA, and provide a real solution for the millions who will be left uninsured, underinsured, or facing unaffordable premium costs. That’s why we created the Single Payer Activist Guide to the ACA.

If this is your first donation to Healthcare-NOW!, we’ll send you a Healthcare-NOW! pin, bumper sticker, and Medicare for all booklet for making a one-time donation of at least $10.

Donate $25 today and we’ll send you a copy of the guide along with a pin and our new “Healthcare is a Human Right” bumper sticker.

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The guide details important new regulations and shows how healthcare activists can inject single-payer messaging and action into the law’s implementation.

For example, insurance companies must now notify the government and hold a public comment period if they want to raise their premiums. This is a perfect opportunity to contrast the spiraling costs of our current system with the cost controls of single-payer healthcare.

Opportunities like this one will require creative new actions on our part.

So if you donate $60 we will send you, along with the guide, a copy of Beautiful Trouble–an 800-page book that’s filled with organizing tactics, principles, theories, and case studies. There are sections on advanced leafleting, creative petition delivery, media-jacking, hoaxes, public filibusters, and electoral guerrilla theater.

Donate $10 a month and we’ll send you a copy of our guide with the pocket edition of Beautiful Trouble.

2014 is going to be a very important year for health reform. We could head down the path of privatization and austerity. Or we can fight for truly universal, equitable healthcare for all. Help us win by donating today.

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