Health Care Advocates Remain in Jail, Take Action To Support their Cause Now

On Thursday, Mobilization for Health Care for All made another urgent demand to get insurance money out of our democracy so that real reform will not be blocked in America. It is unacceptable that 45,000 Americans die every year because of lack of access to health care.

Nine advocates for Medicare for All were arrested in a patients not profits sit-in in Senator Joseph Lieberman’s office. Lieberman, known as the Senator for Aetna – his number 9 largest contributor, has taken $2.6 million in the last decade from the health sector including the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Two advocates remain in jail refusing to cooperate by not providing identification. Kai Newkirk, national coordinator of the Mobilization, is fasting and is in the DC jail, along with John Morhbacher of Connecticut.

Their demand is clear – publicly pledge to stop taking money from the insurance industry. Join their demand by clicking here to sign a petition to Sen. Lieberman.

When Kevin Zeese, Esq. director of ProsperityAgenda.US met with our colleagues in the cell block, Morhbacker, a member of the Army Reserve in Connecticut, described his senator “as an example of the obstructionists who prevent consideration of Medicare for All.”

Newkirk explains that “as long as insurance corporation money is contributed to politicians like Lieberman they will prevent common sense solutions like Medicare for All that meet the moral standard that everyone should have access to health care.” Newkirk explains further why he risked arrest to challenge Lieberman in this video. Please share the video with your friends, family and networks.

Thousands have already signed the petition to strengthen our numbers. Please join them and ask your friends to do the same. And, some media has taken notice, including ABC national news. Let’s continue to build the Mobilization so the media cannot ignore our cry for real health care reform.

On Tuesday Kai and John will return to court. Please donate now to help with bail, legal, and other support. More actions are being planned to continue to build the pressure and more are waiting in line to sit-in, risk arrest and ensure our demands are heard! If you have not already signed up to risk arrest or participate in the Mobilization you can do so here.

What you can do:

1. Sign the petition urging Lieberman to stop taking insurance money. Click here to sign the petition now. Urge everyone you know to sign the petition.

2. Make a donation to support the Mobilization. Donate for bail money and jail support for those arrested in Lieberman’s office.

3. Call Lieberman and tell him to stop taking insurance money. His numbers are: (202) 224-4041and (860) 549-8463.

4. Keep organizing in your area!

Senator Lieberman is keeping good citizens in jail so he can continue to take money from the insurance industry. Imagine that – while the senate is considering insurance legislation, Lieberman insists on taking insurance money. The pay to play corruption of the health care debate is on display in Washington, DC and Lieberman is the poster boy for insurance corruption.

In 2009, Aetna has already spent over $2 million dollars lobbying for health care “reform” that protect their profits ahead of the health of Americans. Elected officials need to know that voters are aware of their corruption for accepting this money and they will pay a political price for their corruption.

Thousands of you have joined in struggle across our nation. Hundreds have risked arrest. Our numbers are growing by the day. Let’s all do our part for Kai and John – let’s build this Mobilization so Americans who want real health care reform cannot be ignored.

Demand Lieberman get our friends out of jail by publicly pledging to no longer accept money from health insurance companies that are the real death panels–killing democracy, killing us.

Please sign the petition, and donate what you can.

Thank you for joining the fight for Health Care for ALL!


  1. Richard Heckler on November 16, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    The nations consumers could have excellent National Health insurance for all if one would remove:
    *elected officials as shareholders
    *special interest campaign funding
    *the insurance industry recklessly spending health care dollars to bribe votes
    *the news media offering misinformation ( their large advertising revenue is at stake)

    Isn’t it time to take upon ourselves the implementation of term limits?

    Lets’s demand a new system and vote in Fair Vote America :

    Demand a change on the next ballot.

    Instant runoff voting allows for better voter choice and wider voter participation by accommodating multiple candidates in single seat races and assuring that a “spoiler effect” will not result in undemocratic outcomes. IRV allows all voters to vote for their favorite candidate without fear of helping elect their least favorite candidate, and it ensures that the winner enjoys true support from a majority of the voters. Plurality voting, as used in most American elections, does not meet these basic requirements for a fair election system that promotes cost-saving elections with wider participation.

    The big money candidates are more beholden than ever to corporate special interests due to the very long nature of campaigns. How do they have time to do the job they were elected to do?

    We need public financing of campaigns. Citizens cannot afford special interest money campaigns for it is the citizens that get left out. Let citizens vote on this issue.

    Excellent reasoning behind public financing of campaigns:

    Remember it is the most expensive medical insurance in the world that denies care and/or cancels coverage after taking ones money for years and years. National Health Insurance for All would not allow such arrogance.

    I say replace 95% of incumbents each voting cycle.

    Research candidates for yourself. Mainstream media does not do a good job. The media loves incumbents because they spend the most money or any candidate that is well financed.