Get Active Now to End Bad Debt Deal

The social insurance programs that have delivered increased health and financial security to those who need it most are being dealt away in a show of political theater over debt ceilings and corporate greed.

On July 30th, Medicare turns 46. That’s almost half a century of reducing poverty, increasing health outcomes, and keeping administrative costs below 3%.

Combined with Social Security and Medicaid, more people are able to enjoy hard-earned and well-deserved economic and health security.

If you haven’t yet, help us burn up the phone lines in honor of the anniversary of our most beloved social program: Medicare. Protect it. Improve it. Expand it to all.

We can’t let beltway politics rob us of these important programs. Call NOW at 866-220-0044 to connect to your Representative or Senators. Tell them NOT to accept any cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. Instead, improve and expand Medicare for all.

If you don’t know who your elected officials are, click here and we’ll connect you.

In addition to calling our elected officials, you can join up with demonstrations at Congressional offices across the country on Tuesday, July 26th at noon. More information from MoveON here.

And of course Medicare’s Anniversary actions are planned across the country through the end of July.

Calls and in-person actions are most effective right now because of the extreme urgency. However, you can send an email here if calling is not possible.


  1. Donna Rodgers on July 27, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    I have called every Congress Critter I could get through to, and e-mailed my own, sometimes several a day. I can not believe what is happening to our country. I am beging to wish I had never had children. I worry 24-7 about what is going to become of them. By God this is America not some third world country. I can not say I didn’t see this comming, because I did. I knew we were in a world of hurt ever since JFK was murdered. I hope and pray they pay in the end, some way some how, for they sure as hell killed my dreams.