February Single-Payer Newsletter

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February’s single-payer newsletter includes these articles:

Dr. King and Health Reform
By Claudia Fegan, M.D. – “There are 50 million Americans who are uninsured. African Americans are represented disproportionately among the uninsured. I am referring to the fact that while we represent only 12 percent of the population, we are 20 percent of the uninsured.”

Vermont Governor Lays Out Details for Single Payer Pathway
The Shumlin administration released the legislative details of how to move the state to a single payer healthcare system, with the first steps beginning this summer.

Nurse Protest Prompts Blue Shield to Delay Rate Hike
Blue Shield of California announced a 60-day reprieve for the unconscionable rate hike of up to 59 percent it intends to foist on individuals and families. The announcement coincided with announced plans by nurses, patients, and consumer advocates who stormed Blue Shield’s posh California corporate headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

Will You Cry for Me, John Boehner?
Because we know Speaker of the House Boehner has an emotional side, we want to tell him our stories of struggle – the stories that make us cry – in hopes that instead of pretending to repeal health reform, we should start talking about real improved Medicare for all reform. Over 1,600 people have signed the letter to Mr. Boehner so far. Have you?

House Republicans Consider Privatizing Medicare
Months after they hammered Democrats for cutting Medicare, House Republicans are debating whether to relaunch their quest to privatize the health program for seniors. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is testing support for his idea to replace Medicare with a fixed payment to buy a private medical plan from a menu of coverage options.