City of Santa Monica Endorses Single-Payer Healthcare

On April 14, the Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously to support both SB810 and HR676, endorsing universal single-payer healthcare at the state and national levels.

Public speakers included nurse Geri Jenkins, co-president of the California Nurses Association National Nurses’ Organizing Committee; Progressive Democrats of America member Dr. Jo Olson, pediatrician at Children’s Hospital, assistant professor at the University of Southern California, and Southern California co-chair of the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party of California; and Dr. Matt Hendrickson, emergency room doctor and founding member of the Southern California chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program.

Santa Monica is among a growing number of cities, towns, and municipalities who support single-payer healthcare. A majority of Americans, doctors and nurses also support this type of healthcare reform, as do over 500 local Labor Unions.

The endorsement of HR 676 by the city of Santa Monica follows the passing, on Wednesday April 8, of a similar resolution in support of HR 676 by the Maine Legislature.