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Change.org Petition: Medicare’s 50th

Sign our change.org petition asking Members of Congress to Protect, Improve, and Expand medicare to all!


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2 Responses to “Change.org Petition: Medicare’s 50th”
  1. Lynn O'Connell says:

    Stephanie – This PETITION needs to be a tab at the top of the website right up next to ABOUT – TAKE ACTION – LEGISLATION. Then we could email our friends and ask them to go on the website http://www.healthcare-now.org, click on the PETITION tab, and sign the petition. Much less intimidating than sending them the long alpha-numeric link on Change.org – plus a way of getting new people to the HC-NOW website.

  2. dr. william r. reed says:

    I commissioned with some pro musicians last fall a sort of fight song for the Universal Health Care movement. It is now a MUSIC VIDEO on YouTube. Search on YouTube for: “Single Payer Shuffle.”
    By the way, the music and video are free to use by anyone in the Single Payer Movement.

    Thanks, Wm. R. Reed, MD