Between You and Your Doctor: The Bureaucracy of Private Health Insurance

On September 16 and 17, Domestic Policy Subcommittee Chairman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) held a two-part hearing entitled, “Between You and Your Doctor: the Bureaucracy of Private Health Insurance.” The hearing examined how the bureaucracy of private health insurance companies affects the medical care of patients.

The Subcommittee heard testimony from:
Mr. Mark Gendernalik
Father of Sidney Gendernalik, Los Angeles, California

Ms. Erinn Ackley
Daughter of William Ackley, Red Lodge, Montana

Dr. Mel Stern
Pediatrician, Highland, Maryland

Dr. Linda Peeno
Former review physician for Humana, Louisville, Kentucky

Mr. Wendell Potter
Former head of corporate communications for CIGNA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania