Belly Dancers Rally for Universal Health Care

By Scott Hershberger for

MARTINSBURG, WV – It may have looked like a party in Martinsburg: belly dancers and loud, festive music, but the people involved weren’t celebrating.

The group is hoping to see “single payer” health insurance in the United States, and they want some support from a local lawmaker.

They’re hoping to get West Virginia Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito to support “single payer” action.

The plan would eliminate health insurance companies, giving individuals a card that would provide them with full coverage nationwide.

Members of the group say the plan already exists in Canada and many other countries.

“We feel that as hardworking people, people who pay their taxes, people who are responsible, there should be something available to us so we can afford the health care that we need,” said Angela Petry, one of the belly dancers.

Capito’s communications director says the congresswoman believes affordable health care is an extremely important issue, but she doesn’t support a plan that gives the government too much control.

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