“Because this is Wrong”

John is from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His son is an X-ray tech, and one day while he was working a woman presented in the ER with a splitting headache.

After running scans they discovered she had a brain tumor — but she also had no job and no insurance. The doctors in the ER told her there was nothing they could do to help her. His son found her sitting in her car in the parking lot, crying. “I’m dead,” she told him.

“That’s why I’m involved,” John said. “Because this is wrong.”

Like so many of you, John was tired of bearing witness to the deterioration and death of millions of people around the country because they couldn’t afford the care they needed. So he called us. He wanted help starting a single-payer group in his state.

Calls like this are why we’re here. Since that first conversation, the national office has been able to connect him to other single-payer supporters in his state, give him materials to use when tabling and giving single-payer presentations, and help him set up a website for his group.

And we want to do more.

There are 18 states that do not have active groups working on single-payer. Our plan for 2012 is to focus on providing more resources, tools, and trainings to burgeoning groups like John’s, and help single-payer groups get off the ground in at least five of those 18 states.

We are working on creating an electronic and companion phone survey to assess your most pressing needs — and to find out what you’re most excited to work on — and we will soon be starting new monthly skill-sharing and training calls facilitated by YOU.

But to kick this off, we need your financial support.

Help us help John, his group, and the thousands of other single-payer supporters around the country who struggle every day to make our immoral healthcare system better for future generations. Please donate to Healthcare-NOW! today.


  1. Rosemarie Schmidt on March 15, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    I totally empathize. I’m an RN and work the ED. Totally agree!