April Newsletter – Nobody Wants to Cut Medicare

We just sent out our latest email newsletter to our list of supporters. If you don’t already get our email newsletters (sent about twice per month), you can sign up for them here.

In this latest newsletter we highlight four important articles/issues from the past few weeks:

Demand Pres. Obama Protect Medicare
Thank you to everyone who participated in our email campaign to stop Medicare from being privatized and Medicaid funds from being cut. Over 3,100 people took action so far, but we need a lot more support to make an impact. If you haven’t sent a letter to Congress and the President, please do so here.

Flyer Summarizes Ryan’s Plan to End Medicare, Medicaid
With the help of some single-payer activists in New York City, we created an educational handout explaining how House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal seeks to eliminate Medicare and gut Medicaid. You can download a copy of the handout here (.pdf).

Nobody Wants to Cut Medicare – Not Even the Tea Party
Seventy percent of those who identified themselves as supporters of the fiscally conservative movement in a new McClatchy-Marist poll oppose cuts to Medicaid and Medicare to solve the country’s deficit woes.

Quarter-Million Dead and Not Counting
Over the past four years since the making of SiCKO, Michael Moore’s 2007 documentary, an estimated 45,000 people each and every year have died simply because they lacked access to healthcare. The US healthcare dead are dead not because the care wasn’t available – it just wasn’t available to them.