Activist Report Back from Healthcare Rally in Houston, TX

A report from Houston TX – Houston’s RALLY for Health Care Reform was held on 10/4/08 and marked our first single-payer speak out gathering over 60 organizations for co sponsorship, endorsement and supporters from a diverse coalition of professional and consumer health organizations, peace & justice and progressive community and even a table by the Houston’s Natural Science Museum & BodyWorks exhibit, League of Women Voters and faith-based groups.

Health Care For All Texas is our lead local organization and Healthcare-NOW is our most affiliated national organization. We purchased 600 Healthcare-NOW fact sheet bookmarks for distribution at the RALLY, thank-you gift to speakers, entertainers & endorsers. We listed Healthcare Now-org website on all media and print publicity so you are hopefully seeing some increase in Texas interest. I signed my name & included HCN website in all correspondence. We printed the HR 676 PETITION to raise awareness and collect signatures at the rally. We raised $$ for a display ad about universal coverage & our rally placed in The Houston Chronicle, reaching potentially over 600,000 readers. Note on the HCN petition website since 7 weeks ago (when I signed & publicize Houston rally) that more Texans have signed on. Increasing visibility of HCN is important and helps people get more connected.

Great news clip from the event–See it now!

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