Action Alert: Talk the Talk

Healthcare-NOW! recently launched the Campaign to Preserve and Protect Medicare and Social Security. We need to make sure Congress knows that we will not stand for cuts or privatization of Medicare or Social Security. We support Improved Medicare for All to get our economy back on track.

Will you help us build the base of the single-payer movement one postcard at a time?

We need talk to all kinds of people and organize them directly, which is why we are asking you to get out there and gather as many signatures as you can on these postcards (.pdf).

If you can get just ten new people to sign a postcard, we’ll make you a Healthcare-NOW! member for a year! You can download (.pdf) and print the cards yourself, or you can email ( or call (800-453-1305) us and we’ll send you 25 for free (let us know if you need more). All cards will be delivered directly to Congress.

Upcoming Labor Day marches are a perfect opportunity to talk to folks about single-payer healthcare and the importance of preserving Medicare and Social Security. Join Healthcare-NOW! in building the movement one person at a time!