Action Alert: Social Security turns 75 on August 14th!

Social Security turns 75 on August 14th! Join the Alliance for Retired Americans in celebrations and actions (.pdf) across the country.

In its 75 years of existence, Social Security has not added a cent to our country’s budget deficit. Nevertheless, even as the baby boomers begin to retire, some fiscal conservatives have labeled Social Security as “unsustainable” and in need of “serious cuts.”

This year, the president established a Fiscal Commission, comprised in part of individuals who seek to reduce the funding to Social Security as a means to fixing America’s budget deficit. While dealing with America’s financial troubles must be a top priority, cutting Social Security is not a viable or sustainable solution.

Now more than ever, we must work to preserve this critical program from being subjected to cuts by deficit hawks.

Find a rally for Social Security near you.

For fact sheets and more information on Social Security, go here.