Action Alert: “Sick Around America”

We urge you to reach out to your community and host Sick Around America watching parties on and after March 31st.

Sick Around America, a compelling and timely documentary exposing the serious consequences of getting sick in the United States, will premiere on PBS on March 31st. It is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Frontline documentary, Sick Around the World.

“As the worsening economy leads to massive job losses—potentially forcing millions more Americans to go without health insurance—FRONTLINE travels the country examining the nation’s broken health care system and explores the need for a fundamental overhaul. Veteran FRONTLINE producer Jon Palfreman dissects the private insurance system, a system that not only fails to cover 46 million Americans but also leaves millions more underinsured and at risk of bankruptcy, in Sick Around America, airing Tuesday, March 31, 2009, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS (check local listings).” – Frontline Press Announcement.

Here is a toolkit for guidelines and suggestions on outreach, education, and raising money as you organize your Viewing Party for this film. Circulate this announcement to your coalition members to increase the number of house parties around the country.

Let us know if you would like to distribute materials for these house parties at We will send you 10 bookmarks and 10 Medicare for All brochures FREE if you let us know before March 23rd.



  1. Adam William Majkowski on March 25, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    I recommoned we start a whole new healthcare system from the ground up for the entire planet(not just middle north america). This will begin with schools that teach children from an early age how to be a “doctor”. While the barbarian kids are learning to write english in uppercase, lowecase, and script, the children of the future will be learning to grow herbs, learning first aid and CPR. While the savage children of america are packed into high schools, ready to waste away 4 more years, the advanced kids from the United Earth Federation schools will already have the equililent of a masters degree in well being.
    After we have our schools in place, the next step is to build new hospitals where these intelectually and socially advaced children will want to work for free to help people. You who now read this are most likely not capable of comprehending groups of children growing up in a safe environment where crime does not exist and everyones needs are taken care of from birth. Every child is nurtured equally by the enire comunmity working together.
    The problems must be dealt with by removing the cause(roots). Fighting for universal health care wont do us any good at this point because there arent any doctors worth treating with as far as i have seen so far in my 35 years of being in and out of the hospital and operated on repeatedly by rogues(you call them neurosurgeons).
    So give it up and follow Jesus Christ. Its the ONLY way to achieve happiness(or you can follow the Dalai Lama). If you get sick and dont have healthcare, it doesnt matter becasue that body is just a worthless temporary shell that you soon will shed and forget completely.

    I love you all very much.

    -Adam William Majkowski-