Action Alert: Call for Single-Payer National Healthcare!

Thursday, January 15th is the second National Call-In Day to Support Single-Payer Healthcare, HR 676!

On Thursday, January 15th, take part in the national call-in day to Congress for national, single-payer healthcare (HR 676).

There are 86 cosponsors of HR 676 from the 110th Congress who have been sworn into the 111th session. With your help, this number will grow and place HR 676 on the nation’s agenda. Every call counts!

If you don’t know your Representative, or want a script, all of the information you need for a successful call is on our National Call-In Day page.

If you know your Representative, the Capitol Switchboard number is (866) 338-1015. Ask to be connected to your Representative, and then ask him or her to co-sponsor HR 676 and to attend the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care briefing on January 28th from noon to 2pm in Room 2237 of the Rayburn Building.

Everyone, please make sure to fill out the form found on our Call-In Day page to let us know who you called and how it went.

This call-in day is part of a larger national movement for single-payer healthcare being organized by the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care (LCGHC).

The LCGHC is a coalition of national organizations, including Healthcare-NOW!, Physicians for a National Health Program, Progressive Democrats of America, and the California Nurses Association, that support national, single-payer healthcare, HR 676.


  1. Eliza Jane Dodd on January 26, 2009 at 11:31 am

    People should of FOUGHT a HARDER FIGHT for Congressman DENNIS KUCINICH ! We would of all had Health Care the HR676 .Now people will DIE as last year they died and more and more will be added to the list .Last Night on PBS they showed how DHL mail business laid off thousands and HOW OBAMA said to them DONT WORRY I cut your Health Care down …Hey OBAMA They Said Like I said I CANT AFFORD it !!!! Who can Afford it even with a Regualr JOB much Less laid off drawing UNEMPLOYMENT ??? Are You Mentally Handicapped in your BRAIN ? We as American cant afford Health Care in America any longer ! I am a dead woman @ 46 if I get sick and I am … Hey Wake up America and make calls and make copies and hand them out and scream it out on the Streets !>>>HR676 Universal Health Care for all We Must BOMBARD the WHITE HOUSE with EMAILS HR676 !!!!! HR676 ! Dont let another American Die for NOTHING !