Action Alert: Ask Your Rep. to Attend Healthcare Financing Briefing

Please ask your Representative to attend this important Congressional Briefing on financing expanded healthcare.

If you know your representative, call 866-338-1015 for the Capital Switchboard. If not, visit to find out. Either way, you can easily email them here.

How Do We Pay For It?
Options for Financing Expanded Health Care
Single-Payer or a Public Option?

Wednesday, June 10
1:00 pm
2237 Rayburn House Office building
Open to the public

Health Reform is moving through Congress at a rapid pace. But a critical question remains unanswered: How will we pay for expanded coverage?

Not all financing proposals are created equal. Academic research and international experience has shown that it is possible to expand coverage and achieve universal health care while lowering and controlling costs, if reform is done right.

This briefing for policymakers, staff, and the public will present an overview of health financing options and explore the implications of different financing arrangements on patient access, cost control and system sustainability. Emphasis will be given to a comparison between public-private schemes and a single-payer national model.

Dr. Deborah Richter
Past National President, Physicians for A National Health Program
Past Universal Health Care Fellow, Soros Foundation
Author, At the Crossroads

Con Hogan
Past Secretary of Health and Human Services
State of Vermont

Michael Lighty
California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee
Director of Public Policy


  1. Gregg H. on June 9, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    I just called my Rep, Anthony Weiner’s office. His staffer told me that he is planning to attend and that it’s on his schedule. I also asked why Congressman Weiner withdrew his name as a cosponsor of HR 676 and if the Congressman is still a supporter of Single Payer. The staffer did not know, and said he would get back to me with the information.