ACA Upheld: We Still Need Medicare for All

The Supreme Court just released their decision on Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), and their decision is that all components of the law – including the individual mandate requiring citizens buy private health insurance – are upheld and declared constitutional.

This decision does not end the fight for expanded and improved Medicare-for-all. We know that our community members’ health needs will not be met by the ACA.

We already have the infrastructure in place to create a national single-payer system by simply expanding Medicare to everyone, and excluding private health insurance companies.

We urge you to:
1. Send emails, and then calls, to your Congress members and the President;
2. Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers explaining why we still need a universal publicly-financed healthcare system;
3. Hold public demonstrations outside of private health insurance companies or hospitals. Or attend one of these:

Washington, DC – Today
Albany, Rochester, Ithaca, New York City (PNHP) – Today
Memphis, TN – Today
New York City, NY (OWS) – Today at 11:30am and Friday, June 29 at 5pm
Louisville, KY – Friday, June 29 at 4pm

The ACA:
– Will not achieve universal coverage–at least 26 million people will remain uninsured.
– Will not control healthcare costs, leaving Americans vulnerable to bankruptcy.
– Embeds private, for-profit insurance in the system’s core, allowing them to continue to profit and game the system at our health’s expense.

While a national single-payer system, such as the one proposed in Representative Conyers’ (D-MI) National Health Care Act (HR676), would:
– Cover all necessary medical care for everyone living in the US from birth to death.
– Reduce healthcare spending by a minimum of $400 billion a year by significantly reducing administrative costs.
– Remove for-profit insurers from the system along with their excessive profits and CEO salaries.

Please take swift action now with the message: Medicare: improve it and expand it to everyone!

In solidarity for single-payer,
Healthcare-NOW! National Staff and Steering Committee

P.S. Michael Moore will be in Philadelphia, PA this Saturday. Hear what he, the folks featured in SiCKO, and Wendell Potter think about the decision.


  1. yuself on June 29, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    no type of insurance can save you from death, however, one can extend his life to the maxium by one, stop eating dead food produce by processing companies and start eating food intended for people, not animals. Grow your own or buy from nearby groceries stores or small farmers whom do not use chemicals. if you demand good food they will produce good food. if you except garabage they give you such. good food is the key to good health.if one stays heathy thehe wouldn’t need a doctor. Remember befor the fast food revolution doctors would come to your home to check on you? now since bad food is being ingested we need them and now you need insurance money and your own to see the doctor. Black people need to resort to their own culture food instead of everyone else junk. food such as veggies and fruits and not meat and starches.

    be healthy and you won’t need anyones insurance not even life insurance.i’ve watch old people in the past walking and talking today and just die that night or next day. no suffering from disease just old age.

    peace from a Israelite brother

  2. Questioning Reader on July 8, 2012 at 1:34 am

    What happened in Philadelphia? There is a news white-out. I read that Health-Care Now! was leading off the march, and then, on July 5th, there was going to be another march from Philadelphia to Wall Street in N.Y.

    I don’t see any good articles anywhere, including photos.

    Also – why do you have Michael Moore so predominant on the front page? Michael is now coming out as a main spokesperson for this Supreme Court decision – one which leaves many Medicaid qualifying persons without access to Medicaid and liable for insurance. And they’re STILL stringing people along for another one of their elections before these changes go into effect.

    I’m not voting for these corporate funded parties anymore! Has Michael Moore lost his mind?

    Explanations, please. Which side are you on? Sorry, but this just doesn’t cut both ways.

    Plus, this legislation screws women, and John Roberts is happy is to screw women using 3 female corporate representatives, whom they associate with “the left.” They’re not with women or the “left”! They’re with their Jesus – The Corporation!

    They’re denying women abortion rights, and the Medicaid decision is TERRIBLE for lower income women who are being thrown under the bus once again.

    Have this organization lost its mind with Michael on the cover page as your representative? You are now promoting this bill and the court decision which made the legislation you formerly opposed even worse!

    Now you support it EVEN MORE?

    Which side are you on? This isn’t about Democrats and Republicans! They’re BOTH in love with health insurance companies.

    They should CLOSE Medicaid which is a very poorly administered, wasteful, unconstitutional program, and begin the Medicare expansion by absorbing all those persons into the Medicare program, along with anyone 55 and older, plus all young adults up to the age of 26-27 who are NOT covered by a parent’s insurance plan.

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