A Month of Single-Payer Action

For the first time ever, single-payer legislation will be debated and voted on by Congress in September.

The day after thousands of grassroots activists rallied in Washinton, DC for national healthcare on Medicare’s 44th birthday, Rep. Anthony Weiner (NY-9) introduced an amendment to President Obama’s healthcare reform bill (HR 3200) to replace it with HR 676, the single-payer bill, and Speaker Pelosi pledged to bring it to a debate and vote on the full House floor in September.

Let’s make August the Month of Single-Payer and demand that our Representatives vote YES on Rep. Weiner’s amendment, and demand that our Senators vote YES on S 703, in September!

Join our campaign to pass single-payer, HR 676 and S 703.

Tell your Representatives that the Obama health plan is NOT enough and we want them to vote YES on single-payer. We need real health reform that will cover every American, provide real choice of doctors, and save the majority of Americans money.

If you know your Rep, call 866-338-1015 for the Capital Switchboard, if not find their information here. You can easily email them here.

Here’s a full list of other ways you can help win single-payer healthcare this September.

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  1. Peter Lott Heppner on August 12, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    That’s Healthcare Common Good Sense we need to Reform a System that is 60 years behind schedule. You have my support to Restore Discourse.


    Peter Lott Heppner