2014 Strategy Conference Wiki

For the first time this year Healthcare-NOW! has set up a wiki for our annual Strategy Conference, held from August 22-24, 2014 in Oakland, CA with the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Health Care and One Payer States.

Presenters, moderators, and attendees have uploaded their own notes, slideshows, photos, video, and sometimes even the full text of speeches for every single workshop and plenary.

You can keep coming back to the conference wiki as a great resource for the dozens of topics covered during the conference: state single-payer legislation, social media strategy, the health care is a human right model being pioneered in Vermont, getting to single-payer through the ballot, and much more.

Additionally, full video is available of the key plenary of the weekend: an in-depth strategy discussion of where the single-payer movement has been and where we need to get to, including John Nichols of The Nation, Vermont State Representative Kesha Ram, and Ethel Long-Scott of the Women’s Economic Agenda Project.