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AFT and NEA Local Unions Endorse HR 676

January 6, 2009 (Comments Off on AFT and NEA Local Unions Endorse HR 676)

AFT and NEA local unions in New Jersey and Massachusetts have endorsed HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI). In Mahwah, New Jersey, AFT Local 6308,... 

Change policies to aid auto industry

January 6, 2009 (Comments Off on Change policies to aid auto industry)

This new year, we’ve got a huge task ahead of us: Restructuring the American auto industry for a viable, long-term future. It won’t be easy — just as it wasn’t easy to win the emergency... 

How to Push Obama

January 5, 2009 (1 Comment)

The Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Healthcare: the National Single-Payer Coalition is mentioned in this months issue of The Progressive Magazine in the following article by John Nichols. On November... 

America’s health-care famine is slowly killing us

January 4, 2009 (1 Comment)

Editorial Columnist Clark Newhall is a physician and attorney in Salt Lake City, as well as a single-payer activist and contributer to Healthcare-NOW! He writes an eloquent assessment of the severity... 

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