“They Dump the Sick to Satisfy Investors” (Video)

Insurance Exec Turned Whistleblower Wendell Potter Speaks Out Against Healthcare Industry

From Democracy Now

As the debate over healthcare reform intensifies on Capitol Hill, we spend the hour with a former top insurance executive who’s now exposing the industry’s dirty secrets. Wendell Potter once served as the head of corporate communications at CIGNA, one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies. We speak to Potter about his own transformation from industry mouthpiece to whistleblower, the healthcare industry’s extensive PR and lobbying machine, the campaign to discredit Michael Moore’s film Sicko, and the insurance industry’s most pressing task: the fight against a public option, let alone a single-payer system.

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  1. Elise Pemberton on August 4, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    Why are healthcare costs so high in the first place?? Of course insurance companies are backing out paying ridiculously high charges – and now they are part of the problem as they are working with the medical corporations and drug companies, making profits as they make money off the sick and dying. Are the lobbyists so strong in Washington that no one is brave enough to take them on, to make them ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT when setting costs for care??? Hmmmm… . . maybe it’s going to take larger corporations to step in and make this happen. The idea that services, care, and medication vital to our health should be taken over by these thieves!!! It’s all about FRAUD, GREED, and corruption as our resources for affordable access to care is taken away.