Show Your Support For Single-Payer

Only one thing speaks louder than money to politicians: people.

If we expect legislators to come around to single-payer health care, we need to show them their constituents want it and are willing to put their names on the line. We need to create a movement. Show your legislators that YOU support single-payer.

Please fill out your contact information and click "submit."

We will send you a few emails a year on ISPC activities, but we promise not to flood you with mail. Ultimately, we will share this information with legislators, so that they can see how many people in their districts support a system that provides quality health care for all. (We will not share your information with anyone else.)

Click here to get a printable copy of the form that you can take with you to events. You can return completed forms to Illinois Single-Payer Coalition, c/o PNHP, 29 E. Madison, Suite 602, Chicago, IL 60602.

We require your address so we can identify your federal and state legislative districts and notify you when we want you to contact one of your legislators. Your 9-digit Zip Code makes this even easier. To find your Zip+4, click here.